About INOU


INOU is a new tool to put your route and memories along the way together as one TRIP.
Following your TRIP route on the map, you can view photos and movies taken on the way.

Record a trip by INOU. Download to your PC. Upload and share online.

TRIP is not only for you to view but for everyone to share with just one click of the button.
Showing your route, sharing other users' routes and more...you can enjoy global communication by INOU.

Any users can enjoy this website without INOU. Why not creating account to try CATEYE Atlas?

Our commitment to INOU

INOU concept: everybody can enjoy INOU easily

  • Two brackets included: one for bike handlebars, the other for helmets.Just 1 click of the button can take photos or videos during your bike ride. You can also rely on INOU automatic-shooting for unexpected good shots!
  • Small image file size: you will never get bored with quick download & upload trips.
  • AAA Alkaline batteries: available anywhere and easy-to-replace.

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With trips shared online, you can

  • find nice routes for your travel
  • share routes with your members
  • choose good training courses
  • stock good materials for your blog or Twitter entries

Let's get started with CATEYE Atlas!

CATEYE Atlas is a website where you can view trips and data logged with your CATEYE computer.
The site uses Google Maps to show a record of every route you choose to upload, making it the perfect way to log your travels. What's more, if you use an INOU - CATEYE's cutting-edge trip recorder with built-in camera - you'll also be able to enjoy photos and videos you've taken along the way. You can also communicate with other site members by commenting on their trips, making CATEYE Atlas a great place to expand your cycling horizons.
Registration is free, so sign up now and start uploading your favorite routes!

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