Privacy Policy

CATEYE Atlas Privacy Policy

CATEYE Co., Ltd. processes User Information through CATEYE Atlas (“Our Service”) in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
1.Information Collected by Our Service
Our Service collects the following information (hereinafter collectively referred to as “User Information”). The scope of disclosure of User Information can be changed through the user settings.
(1) Information Regarding the User Profile
Our Service collects information regarding the user name, mail address, bicycle model and other information registered in the user profile by the user.
(2) Information Regarding Trips
Users can register trip information with Our Service by using application software (the smartphone app for Cateye Cycling, PC version of CATEYE Sync for Stealth, Q Series, CATEYE Sync for INOU) and Our Service will collect the trip information registered by the user.
In addition, the user can register trip information with Our Service in the FIT file format and Our Service will collect the registered trip information.
The trip information referred to in this Privacy Policy includes the following information:
・ Location information (route log)
・ Altitude and incline log
・ Sensing information (Log data of measured speed, trip distance, moving time, cadence and heart rate, as well as data collected by third-party products)
It should be noted that, regarding the location information (route log) of the trip information, Our Service includes the function to prevent the display of the area intentionally selected by the user when displaying the location information (route log) on the map. If the user makes use of this function, the displayed trip distance and trip time will be corrected according to the deleted record. However, Our Service continues to store the location information (route log), travel distance and travel time registered by the user.
(3) Posted Photos and Videos
Users who use some types of multisport computers (GPS cameras) can post photos and videos taken with the multisport computer in conjunction with their trip information. In this case, the photos are stored in Our Service. On the other hand, videos are stored with YouTube in the YouTube account linked at the time of posting.
(4) Information about Posts Between Users
With Our Service, users can comment on their own posts or the posts of other users, link with Twitter and Facebook and send emails. Our Service collects such information.
2.Purpose and Legal Basis for processing User Information
Our Service uses collected information to provide Our Service and to promote and improve Our Service and introducing the use of any of the Company's products, and further for the purpose of using it as part of the Company's statistical information..
Our Service processes User Information based on users’ consent or as allowed under applicable laws and ordinances. Users can, at any time, withdraw their consent, unsubscribe from Our Service and stop use of Our Service.
3.Saving and Deleting User Information
Except for videos saved on YouTube, all User Information is stored in Our Service. In order to delete all User Information saved in Our Service, please delete the account needed to use Our Service. In addition, regarding videos stored on YouTube and the YouTube account, please delete based on YouTube’s Terms of Service.
By operating Our Service, users can also individually delete trip information saved in Our Service.
By operating Our Service, users can also export stored trip information in the GPX file format.
4.Information Security
Our Service has the appropriate technical measures in place to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc., of User Information.
5.Users’ Rights Regarding Our Service
To the extent permitted by law applicable to each user or Japanese law, users have the right to access, correct, delete, impose processing restrictions and enact data portability regarding User Information. For the specific methods of exercising such rights, please refer to the descriptions in 3 above and, if necessary, please contact us as described in 6 below.
6.Point of Contact for Our Service
The company’s point of contact regarding Our Service is as follows:
Name: CATEYE Co., Ltd. Customer Service
Contact Information; 2-8-25, Kuwazu, Higashi-Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 〒546-0041
TEL: 06-6719-6863, FAX: 06-6719-6033, E-mail:
7.Complaints Regarding Our Service
Users who are dissatisfied with processing of User Information under Our Service can issue their complaint to the appropriate regulatory agency.
This Privacy Policy has been prepared in Japanese. To the extent this translated English version conflicts with the Japanese version, the Japanese version controls.
Effective date: 17 July 2019
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