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Sajikigatake. Part-1. Public

2015/04/25 09:17 - 11:25 / Japan West Kyoto.


Total distance: 7.15 km Trip time: 2:07'23 Average speed: 4.9 km/h
Ascending altitude: 681 m Descending altitude: 112 m Total calories: 85 kcal


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Sajikigatake. Part-1.

  • Japan・West Kyoto.  2015/04/25 09:17 - 11:25
  • [Trip time] 2:07'23 [Total distance] 7.15km
    [Average speed] 4.9km/h [Ascending altitude] 681m [Descending altitude] 112m
    [Total calories] 85kcal
    [Tags] Hiking, Mountain, Spring

This segment is from the hamlet of Kumogahata to the summit of Sajikigahata.
I must apologize for the blank images. I didn't delete them as they are useful to me in locating parts of the trip.

Bike used in this trip
Trek 6000

My "baby", the Trek 6000, is a great bike with front-fork suspension, front & rear fluid disc brakes, 29-gears plus all the bells-and-whistles.

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( Male / Japan )

Hi, my name is Ross-Barry and I am an outdoorholic. For the past 25-to-30 years I have come to appreciate and respect what we have here, on this piece-of-rock we call Planet Earth.



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