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Frequently asked questions

Measurement cannot be performed.
  • After the unit is turned on, press the power button again to start measurement. A yellow lamp flashes during measurement.
  • If the size of a SD card is big, it may take time to get ready to start measuring after switching ON. In that case, please take a moment and start measuring.
  • When all lights turned on, the SD card capacity is full. Replace the SD card, or delete data from the SD card.
  • It may take time to start measuring (a yellow lamp is turned on) when you use a SD card with large capacity.
  • There is a possibility of malfunction. Remove the batteries, and then put them back in (we recommend cleaning the contacts).
  • Some SD cards are not compatible with INOU. It may be enabled by reformatting using SD Formatter, etc.
How to start auto photo shooting
Press and hold the camera button (a green lamp is turned on under auto photo shooting, and it flashes at the timing of shooting).
How to update firmware
Connect a SD card to PC, start CATEYE Sync, and then check on "Firmware update". Update, if there is any new version.
I cannot upload to Atlas.
  • Any data without route (measurement has not started) cannot be uploaded to Atlas. They can be viewed on PC, as independent photos and movies.
  • A single user cannot redundantly upload the same trip to Atlas. It is possible to re-upload the trip after deleting the trip already uploaded. When a movie is contained, delete the movie already uploaded to YouTube according to the instructions.
  • Is CATEYE Sync the latest version? Some cases may be settled by updating CATEYE Sync to the latest version. Download from Atlas and install for testing.
  • Is it over the capacity limit of CATEYE Atlas 500MB per account (excluding videos uploaded to YouTube)? Delete unnecessary trips to ensure available capacity.
  • Upload may fail if your PC enters sleep state during uploading. Change setting to prohibit your PC from entering the sleep state and try again.
Photos and videos are not uploaded.
Select the photos and videos from [Data list] > [Data edit], and then press the "Upload" button.
Uploading a video fails.
Hasn't the same video already been uploaded to YouTube? Delete the relevant video from My video list of YouTube, and then upload it again.
Uploading a video fails, and it cannot be uploaded as a trip.
  • Upload without any video (A video without a thumbnail in the data details may be the cause of failure. It may be uploaded by removing only such videos).
  • Upload error occurs when it gets no reply from YouTube for more than 30 minutes due to busy line conditions, etc. Try again later.
  • Are any applications open to see movies or photos of the trip? Shut down other applications and try again.
Elapsed time is unknown for some data.
The unit has been turned on, but measurement has not started. Check that a yellow lamp flashes when recording. Note that the time cannot be identified when GPS is not acquired.
A movie is divided.
In order to upload smoothly to YouTube, the recorded movie is divided into a maximum of 5 minutes by Sync. To view it as a complete movie on PC, it is necessary to unify using movie editing software, etc.
Storage period of trips?
If there is no login for 1 year, the user will be regarded as having no intention to use the account, and the account is automatically deleted as well as all trips in that account. Videos on YouTube will not be deleted because of the user's individual account.

CATEYE Atlas is a website where you can view trips and data logged with your CATEYE computer.
The site uses Google Maps to show a record of every route you choose to upload, making it the perfect way to log your travels. What's more, if you use an INOU - CATEYE's cutting-edge trip recorder with built-in camera - you'll also be able to enjoy photos and videos you've taken along the way. You can also communicate with other site members by commenting on their trips, making CATEYE Atlas a great place to expand your cycling horizons.
Registration is free, so sign up now and start uploading your favorite routes!

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