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General Questions

Where can I find instructions on how to use CATEYE Atlas?
Instruction videos can be found in the Quick Start Manual or in the instruction manual on the website.
What browsers is CATEYE Atlas compatible with?
CATEYE Atlas can be used with Internet Explorer 11, Edge, The current version of Safari, The current version of Firefox, The current version of Google Chrome


How do I sign up for CATEYE Atlas membership?
You can sign up by clicking "Create account" on the CATEYE Atlas website and following the instructions.
Is membership free?
Yes. There are no costs associated with creating an account.
I've submitted my e-mail address for interim membership registration, but I haven't received an email with a link to the registration form. What should I do?
  • On rare occasions, some users have reported that they have not received an e-mail after signing up using a Gmail or Hotmail account. If you do not receive an e-mail, try using a different e-mail account.
  • Make sure that the email confirmation from CATEYE Atlas has not been filtered into your spam or bulk mail folder.
How can I delete my account?
You can delete your account by going to "My page", selecting the "My profile" tab, and clicking "Delete". When you delete your account, all trips in your account will also be deleted.

Logging in

Why can't I log in?
You must be a registered member to log in.
I forgot my password. What should I do?
If you have forgotten your password, go to the "Login" page, and under "Forgot your password?", enter the e-mail address you used to sign up and your date of birth, and click "Issue new password". A new temporary password will be sent to the e-mail address you interfered. Log in with the temporary password.

CATEYE Atlas Website Configuration

What information is displayed in the frame on the right of the screen?
  • User information: The box at the top right displays your account name and photo and also lists your total number of trips, friends, points, and total trip distance in CATEYE Atlas. The number of pending friend requests is also displayed here.
  • Calendar: Days with trips registered are colored blue. Clicking on a blue day automatically takes you to the trip list for that day. The total trip distance for the selected month is also displayed below the calendar.
  • Update profile: Click to manage your trips, profile, bikes, site settings, friends, blacklist, and favorites.
  • My profile: Your information field. You can update details by clicking "Edit". It may take a little time to reflect changes you have made.
  • My bikes: Click to go to the "My bikes" tab. You can register up to 10 bikes (including tire circumference) as a means of transportation for each trip. You can update details by clicking "Edit". It may take a little time to reflect changes you have made.
  • Site settings: Click to go to the "Site settings" tab. You can adjust settings for CATEYE Atlas. You can set privacy settings, display unit, and the default slide show speed.
  • Distance goal: Click to go to the "Distance goal" tab and set a target distance.
  • Friends: Click to go to the "Friends" tab and view a list of your friends. Click on a name in the list to move to a page with detailed information. You can also remove users from your friends list.
  • Blacklist*: Click to go to the "Blacklist" tab and view a list of blacklisted users. You can also remove users from your blacklist.
  • *The blacklist is designed to prevent unwanted posts. It lets you prevent specified users from viewing your profile and trips. You can also prevent specified users from seeing your page even if they search for it.
  • Favorite trips: Click to go to the Favorite trips tab. You can view the favorite trips you have registered, and move to the trip and user pages. You can also remove trips from your favorites.

Home page

What can I do on the Home page?
On the Home page, you can view your trips, friends' trips, and favorite trips. You can also move to specific trip and user pages.
  • "My Trips" tab: The My Trips tab shows a list of your trips. Click on the trip name or thumbnail to view the trip details.
  • "My Friends' Trips" tab: The My Trips tab shows a list of your friends' trips. Click on an item to view a trip or friend page.
  • "My Favorite Trips" tab: From the My Favorite Trips tab, you can view favorite trips you have registered and move to trip and user pages. You can also remove trips from your favorites.

Trips page

What can I do on the Trips page?
On the Trips page, you can view lists of the most popular, newest, and most viewed trips. You can also search for trips.
  • Search trips menu: You can search for trips by key words and other criteria.
  • Most Popular Trips: A list of trips that have received the most stars
  • Newest Trips: A list of the newest trips
  • Most Viewed Trips: A list of the most frequently accessed trips

Friends page

What can I do on the Friends page?
On the Friends page, you can view a list of your friends, search for friends, and check popular users and newly arrived users.
  • My friends: A list of users who you are friends with.
  • Search friends menu: From this menu, you can search for users by key words and other criteria.
  • Popular Users: A list of the six users who have gained the most points.
  • New Users: A list of the last six users who have signed up.


How do I use trips?
When you view a trip, a map is displayed and a green dot moves along the route. You can stop or start the dot using the button at the bottom left of the map.
  • Map: The recorded route is colored red. A green dot traces the route from the starting point. When you click a point on the route, the meter displays the current speed, altitude, distance, and elapsed time for that point.
  • Graph display: A red bar moves along the graph in sync with the movement of the green dot on the map. You can stop and start movement, control the speed at which the dot moves, and switch the units on the horizontal axis using the buttons at the bottom left of the graph.
  • Speed, Heart rate, Cadence, and Power buttons: You can select whether to show or hide data displayed on the line graph.
  • Meter display: Trip distance, elapsed time, speed, cadence, heart rate, and power at the selected point are displayed in sync with the progress in the graph. Clicking the MODE button switches between total trip distance, total trip time, ascending altitude, and descending altitude, as well as average and maximum speed
How do I edit a trip?
To edit a trip, click the "Edit trip info" tab at the top right of the map. This lets you edit the trip title and other trip data, delete GPS points, delete trips, and export GPX data.
  • "Edit trip information" tab: You can edit trip information including trip title, bike used, tags, and privacy settings.
    If changes you have made are not reflected even after you have pressed the "Save changes" button, check that you have entered all the required items and try again.
  • "Delete GPS points" tab: You can delete unnecessary parts of a route by clicking two points on the route on the map to select a section to delete.
  • "Delete trip" tab: You can delete the trip from Atlas. To reflect the changes you have made in CATEYE Sync, you may be required to restart CATEYE Sync.
  • "Export GPX data" tab: Exports the selected trip as GPX data that can be used in Google Earth.
How can I share trips via social networking services?
  • Like icon: Use the like icon to post a trip on your Facebook account.
  • Tweet icon: Use the tweet icon to tweet about a trip on your Twitter account.
  • E-mail icon: Use the e-mail icon to tell someone about a trip by e-mail.
  • Facebook icon: View the Facebook page of the user who uploaded the trip.
  • Twitter icon: View the Twitter page of the user who uploaded the trip.
How do I become friends with someone?
  • To add someone as a friend, you must be a registered user.
  • Click on the name of the user you wish to add as a friend and click the "Add friend" button. Enter a message requesting that the other person add you as friend. If the other person accepts your request, you will be added as a friend.
  • If you have friend requests pending, the number of requests is indicated in the user information box at the top right of the screen. To accept a friend request, click on the number next to "Friend requests". You will be taken to the applicant's information page and an "OK" button appears. Press the OK button to accept the request.


Is it possible to connect two or more trips?
This feature is not available at present
Is it possible to overlap two or more trips?
This feature is not available at present
How do I upload data to Google Earth?
You can create a GPX file by going to the "Edit trip info" tab and selecting "Export GPX data".
Why are some GPS points connected by straight lines?
If GPS acquisition is interrupted for some reason (for example, when you pass through a tunnel), the last point where GPS was acquired is connected to the point where GPS was re-acquired by a straight line.
How long are trips stored for?
If there is no login for 1 year, the user will be regarded as having no intention of using the account, and the account may be automatically deleted. In such cases all trips in the account will also be deleted.
How do I change my password?
To change your password, in the user information box at the top right of the screen, click "Update profile" and then click "Edit". Enter a new password in the password field and click "Save changes" to confirm.
Why does ascending altitude, calories consumed, and other data not match data on STRAVA and other websites?
Different sites add up figures in different ways. Figures should only be treated as a general guide.
Why do ascending and descending altitude differ between models?
Calculation formulas differ according to model and errors may result. Figures should only be treated as a general guide.

CATEYE Atlas is a website where you can view trips and data logged with your CATEYE computer.
The site uses Google Maps to show a record of every route you choose to upload, making it the perfect way to log your travels. What's more, if you use an INOU - CATEYE's cutting-edge trip recorder with built-in camera - you'll also be able to enjoy photos and videos you've taken along the way. You can also communicate with other site members by commenting on their trips, making CATEYE Atlas a great place to expand your cycling horizons.
Registration is free, so sign up now and start uploading your favorite routes!

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